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About this website

Objectives of the capacity development for health website

The purpose of the capacity development for health website is to

  • Set out a strategic approach for capacity development support to national governments, civil society, and other partners engaged in building resilient and sustainable systems for health.
  • Articulate key entry points for UNDP’s capacity development approach to support partners in achieving catalytic transformation of systems for health, based on its unique added value and comparative advantages.
  • Contribute to stronger harmonization, synergies, and partnership opportunities among international health actors and across sectors to ensure cohesive action for sustainable health and development outcomes.
  • Further elaborate the importance of capacity development activities for health to UNDP’s broader mandate to support country-led efforts to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, in line with the integrated vision defined in its Strategic Plan for 2018-2021.


The target audience for this website includes UNDP staff, national governments, global health partners, multisector development stakeholders, civil society, and private sector partners.

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It builds on UNDP’s experiences and lessons learned to date and reflects a continually evolving capacity development approach to respond to the increasingly interdependent global health and development challenges. As a living toolkit, it seeks to support partners and promote the expansion of collective efforts to accelerate and sustain gains in the achievement of equitable health interventions.

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Website features

Each section of the website includes: i) step-by-step guidance, ii) best practices; iii) examples, case studies and stories; iv) relevant resources and links; and v) templates and tools. This enables the site to explain why resilient and sustainable systems for health are important to the work of UNDP, the World Health Organization, UN partners, key global health partners such as the Global Fund, and country stakeholders.

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This also enables the site to explain why capacity development for health is important to the work of UNDP. The use of search engine keywords, feedback mechanisms and analytics provide a greater understanding of the end user needs and how to improve their “journeys” through the site. This innovative approach uses globally positioned servers to increase the speed and the scale of the website and is enabling search engines to generate better targeted page reviews. Security is a priority, improved with https encrypted content. Continuous improvements are being made to create a nimble and more responsive site. We encourage you to share feedback and suggestions at cd2transform@gmail.com.

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