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Financial management for sustainable health policies and programmes

UNDP strengthens financial management systems to increase accountability and promote achievement of national health goals. As part of its core mandate to accelerate structural transformations for sustainable development, UNDP’s support to enhance financial management capacities for health plays an essential role in the implementation of national health policies and programmes.

UNDP takes a multifaceted approach to strengthen the financial building blocks of the health system that make it possible to deliver services of high quality. At the national level, UNDP works with governments to strengthen national public financial management systems for health and develop the capacities of national entities to sustainably manage and generate domestic and international health financing. This includes support to generate and evaluate accurate financial information, including from the private sector, to inform health policies and identify sustainable models to scale health services.

At the programmatic level, UNDP provides technical assistance to national institutions and civil society organizations to strengthen financial management capacities for effective implementation of large-scale health programmes, including those financed by the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and malaria (Global Fund). UNDP provides end-to-end technical support for financial management to implementing entities on issues including planning, budgeting and forecasting, revenue generation, expenditure, monitoring and controls, reporting, and audit and assurance.

Through this interconnected support to promote sustainable financing models and improve institutions, policies and processes that govern the use of public funds for health at the national level, alongside work to enhance financial management capacities and processes in the implementation of national disease programmes, UNDP’s capacity-building approach provides mutually reinforcing entry points to help countries progress towards universal health coverage (UHC). Strong financial management in programmes ensures that existing resources for health are efficiently used to maximize health outcomes, while enhanced public financial management and sustainable financing ensures that these outcomes can be scaled and sustained in the long term.

Financial management and UHC

A priority of UNDP’s support to strengthen financial management systems for health is equipping governments to provide health services to all. A key target of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3, calls for well-functioning health systems, including systems for financial management and health financing, as the bedrock of equitable, quality, effective, resilient and sustainable health outcomes and service delivery.

UNDP strengthens financial management systems to increase the types of information available, as well as improve the accuracy and timeliness of information flows. For example, UNDP has supported the successful roll out of decentralized financial systems, addressing connectivity issues through customized software. It works in partnership to ensure accurate and timely financial data contribute to making critical and evidence-based decisions for health-related goals.

”At UNDP, we believe that universal health coverage is key to unlocking progress toward many of the Sustainable Development Goals – for example on economic growth, fighting poverty and advancing equalities, especially gender.” Achim Steiner

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