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Financial management technologies and risk management for health – Zimbabwe

The Government of Zimbabwe Public Financial Management System (PFMS) had been in limited use by government ministries and did not have the capability for managing donor funding. The Capacity Development Plan 2015-2017 prioritized the development and implementation of the PFMS Grant Management Module and the extension of the PFMS to the provincial and district levels.

To integrate Global Fund financial management and reporting with the Public Financial Management System the following priorities were implemented:

  • the Grant Management Module was developed and incorporated into PFMS for donor funding
  • PFMS was configured for the health sector at national, provincial and district levels
  • the MoHCC is the first government ministry to rollout the grant management module of the PFMS, with real-time connectivity established in all but six districts
  • the system is live now for TB and malaria, the configuration is nearing completion for HIV and further on-the-job support and refresher training being provided to the MoHCC
  • the PFMS has been customized to enable both donor and MoHCC reporting

Further investment and support to fully operationalize PFMS within the MoHCC down to the district level will help to ensure that it meets national and international requirements. Continuous improvement, effective leadership, greater integration and prioritized investments including band width, are needed to leverage and sustain the significant gains in strengthening systems for health in Zimbabwe.

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