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UNDP, working in partnership with the Global Fund and national partners, has provided HIV counselling and testing for 887,000 people and put 68,300 on treatment.

Key Results - HIV

UNDP has been principal recipient of Global Fund HIV grants since 2005. The latest round of funding was granted to support the government’s strategy to combat HIV/AIDS. The objectives of the programme are to prevent new HIV infections amongst both general and key populations, increase Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (MTCT) coverage and increase the number of children and adults in treatment Read more... It takes a human rights-based approach to tackling the HIV epidemic, particularly in relation to key populations, with the aim of removing barriers to accessing HIV services. This includes the development of a national strategic plan on key populations, including sex workers and men who have sex with men. In the current round of funding the programme also targets improvement of TB and HIV co-infection diagnosis and treatment. The grant is currently supporting 68,300 people to be on antiretroviral therapy. UNDP also managed the Global Fund Malaria programme in Angola between 2005 and 2008, with the aim of reducing the burden of malaria in the country through the strengthening of local health services and improving access to malaria treatment for populations most at risk.

1,268,000 counselling and testing encounters for HIV

Source: UNDP (2018

45% know their status

Source: UNAIDS (2018)

85,200 people living with HIV currently on ART

Source: UNDP (2018)

HIV infections averted through prevention of mother-to-child transmission

Source: UNAIDS

Under-five mortality

Source: World Health Organization

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