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UNDP, working in partnership with the Global Fund and national partners, has put 68,300 people on treatment for HIV, contributing to the 22,000 deaths averted through ART since 2006. UNDP completed the transfer of grant management to national entities at the end of 2017.

Key results - HIV

In Mali, with UNDP support, the Global Fund’s HIV prevention and treatment programme successfully resumed in November 2012. The UNDP-managed Global Fund grant for HIV promoted an integrated and decentralized approach to community-based health care, targeting key high-risk populations. It intensified efforts to reduce the risk of HIV transmission from mother to child by prioritizing systematic voluntary HIV screening.

417,000 counselling and testing encounters for HIV

Source: UNDP (2018)

42,100 people currently on ART

Source: UNDP (2017)

22,000 deaths averted through ART

Source: UNAIDS (2006-2016)

HIV-positive TB patients on Antiretroviral Therapy

Source: World Health Organization

Maternal and infant mortality

Source: World Health Organization

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