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Regional Grants

In addition to country programmes, UNDP manages three regional programmes in Africa, Western Pacific and the Caribbean covering 27 countries. UNDP implements these programmes through the support of the Global Fund, which invests in multi-country approaches across a number of priority areas deemed critical to the eradication of HIV, TB, and malaria. These programmes focus on cross-cutting issues that are more effectively addressed across multiple countries, such as tackling human rights barriers for key populations and ensuring access to services for migrant and refugee populations.

The UNDP-managed regional programmes in Africa and the Caribbean provide unique platforms to support countries in addressing social and legal barriers. Under the Africa regional programme, UNDP works with regional organizations and civil societies, parliamentarians, key populations, and policymakers across 10 countries to promote enabling law, rights and policy environments for equitable access to HIV and TB services. UNDP’s partnership with NGOs under the Caribbean programme supports community-led efforts to reduce stigma and discrimination for increased uptake of HIV services. Within the multi-country Western Pacific programme, UNDP helps to bridge knowledge, partnerships, and advocacy efforts to strengthen the prevention and control of HIV, TB, and malaria in 11 countries.

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